Texas Mission Trip Update

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First Trinity launched a Texas Mission Trip for Harvey Recovery on very short notice last week. In total, 8 people joined us for the 10-day trip. What a blessing it has been to the people here in Texas, as well as to the team. A few fun stories: We spent the first and part of […]

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Mission Trip

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First Trinity will be sending a team to help with recovery efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey came through. We will be working out of Memorial Lutheran Church in Katy, Texas, where Jason Christ used to serve. While we don’t know the specifics of the work we’ll be doing, we expect it to be labor-intensive […]

Workcamp 2017 – Day 9

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Schedule: Drive home Arrive at First Trinity mid-afternoon Prayer Ideas: Safe travel and transitions back to “real life” Rest and recuperation Courage to act on the ideas of how we can build off this trip and continue to grow in our faith and relationships

Workcamp 2017 – Day 8

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Schedule: Day exploring Washington D.C. Closing Team Worship Stay at a hotel in Frederick, MD Prayer Ideas: Fun, safety, and group building while in D.C. For transition back to NY and restful night’s sleep for the adults who have to drive tomorrow.

Workcamp 2017 – Day 7

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Today’s Theme: From Joy to Home Read Luke 24:49 Now we’ve had this awesome experience here at Workcamp and you’ve experienced whatever you’ve experienced this week, but what does our road look like from here.  Spend some time asking God to lead you on the road he has for you in yet another week ahead.  […]

Workcamp 2017 – Day 6

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Today's Theme: From Hunger to Joy Read Luke 24:36-48 Jesus is real! He proved he was real to the travelers, He wasn't just imaginary. How has or is Jesus proving to you that He's real? Joy comes from knowing the real Jesus.   Schedule: Pack tools/lunch Morning program Work at work sites morning and afternoon […]

Workcamp 2017 – Day 5

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Today’s Theme: From Hope to Hunger Read Luke 24:28-35 When Jesus ate a meal with the travelers, they suddenly saw him for who he was! But…then he was gone, leaving them hungry for more from Jesus. Each step with Jesus makes us want more. More of his love. More of his forgiveness. More…of HIM. Spend […]

Workcamp 2017 – Day 4

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Today’s Theme:From Doubt to HopeRead Luke 24:25-27 In these verses, Jesus was saying to the travelers "Don't you understand the story?" Hope comes from Jesus revealing himself at just the right time. What happens when Jesus appears on your road to bring meaning to your story? Where have you experienced hope in your life so […]

Workcamp 2017 – Day 3

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Today’s Theme: From Disappointment to Doubt Read Luke 24:13-24 Sometimes the unexpected events along the road create disappointment. Our disappointment can lead to doubt, especially when Jesus doesn’t seem to be doing what we expect him to do. Jesus walks through our doubt with us, working with us to resolve our doubt. Even when we […]

Workcamp 2017 – Day 2

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Today’s Theme: From Home to Here Read Luke 24:13-49 What road would you say you’re walking right now?  Is it a hard one or relatively easy right now?  Are there lots of people on the road with you or do you feel kind of alone?  Do you sense God near you or does he seem […]