The Jesus Interruption: Good Samaritan

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I am a really big fan of routine. I like a rhythm to my daily and weekly schedules. I like familiar places and people. Some might call me a creature of habit. And when my schedule gets disrupted, I’m not usually thrilled about that. In fact, I might even be a little cranky about it. […]

Executive Ministry Team Meeting Highlights, 1.28.2015

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The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is the team tasked with leading the everyday operations and programs of First Trinity. The EMT is led by Pastor Chuck Whited. Serving on the team are Jason Christ (Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries), Marsha Peth (Director of Care Ministries), Sue Steege (Director of Transformation Ministries), and Tim […]

Learning to Forgive

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  I forgive you. In this medium, under this pretense, it’s pretty easy for me to type that. Watch I’ll do it again; I forgive you. As my kids would say, “easy peasy.” Let’s try and make it more difficult, “Please forgive me.” Well, in this instance that wasn’t very difficult either. But what happens […]

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Life

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“In a half mile turn around.” I GOT IT TOM! GPS… Such a wonderful tool to get us where we need to go. As a man, I am supposed to be excellent with directions or at least act like I am a brilliant navigator. Put me on the road and I will lead us to […]

Satan and His Demons

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Kevin Spacey plays a cringing, weak character in the movie, The Usual Suspects. He’s part of a group that’s been hired by the mysterious Keyser Soze to pull off a heist. Keyser Soze is a mysterious criminal mastermind that no one has ever met before. The group isn’t even certain that Soze exists. The plot […]

Let Me Go Home

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Home. What is home? The word home is used in many different contexts, but which context is true? What do you think of when someone says “home?” Is it a house? A place? Is it the comfort of certain people? I have seen quite a few posts and comments across social media these last four […]

The Holy Spirit

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What a whirlwind few weeks! My family was sick leading up to Christmas, healthy for a couple of days, then sick again starting the Saturday after Christmas. My son and I ended up with a virus that gave us a fever and severe exhaustion among other symptoms for six days. As I was finally coming […]

Let The Resolutions Begin!

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  Ahhh New Year’s… Everything beginning anew. The chance to start over; perhaps the chance to start healing. Maybe for you it’s a chance to start a new job, embark upon a new family journey whether through marriage or a newborn or even through harder situations with divorce or loss of a loved one. As […]

Spiritual Warfare

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I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. I was told (and believed) that Jesus loves me as early as two years old. And I have a bit of a “Susie Sunshine” outlook on life—always have. So, for many, many years, although I knew the Devil was real, I sort of […]