Jesus is the Center

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This is part of a series of posts about our new vision statement. Click here to see all of them so far. The first line of our vision statement is: First Trinity is a growing family who is passionate about our Lord Jesus Christ. Remembering that this is five years out and looking at who […]

Living Hope

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Playing guessing games with kids is always interesting. Our son, Eli, used to play a version of “I Spy” about animals. He once famously said, “I spy something animal. It’s taller than a grown-up, flies, eats branches, and has claws.” After many guesses, we gave up and he told us it was a lion. Obviously, […]

Living Faith

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Some questions always elicit the same response from me. It’s probably because I asked many of those same questions and my mom already responded the same way. A great example is “can” questions. “Can you go to the store?” I know my limitations and abilities, so I answer, “Of course!” I don’t actually have to […]

Middle School Retreat Update: Part 1

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This is the first in a series of three guest posts by Haley, a sixth grade student that went on the Middle School retreat in March. I asked her to share her experience at the retreat. Be Still… And Walk This Way. What should I start with: the memories, the warmth shown, the greetings, the […]

A Vision for First Trinity in 2020

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As we cast a vision for 2020, it is broad strokes. This is not a strategy or a road map of how to get where we want to be. It is a vision of what we are moving toward, so that in five years, it describes what we will look like. What we truly want […]

The Easter Offering Update

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Well, Easter has passed and we have our first update for the Easter Offering. You can read some of the back story for the Easter Offering in this post, but the brief version of the story is this: we wanted to make a difference in our community this Easter with a special offering for Jericho […]