Whose Baby Is It Anyway?

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One of my least favorite things to do as a parent is mediate between my children about who gets what. I usually do breakfast at our house. At one point, this involved a lengthy debate about who gets what chair, so we went to seat assignments that change each week. After the seating issue, we […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 9

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Today we return home! We want to thank you all for praying for us and joining with us on this Reframing Journey!  Keep watching the blog in the days and weeks ahead to hear more stories of what God did in, with, and around our group this week! Schedule: Drive home Arrive at First Trinity […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 8

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Today’s Devotion: Read Luke 8:39 and Psalm 126:3 Today as we head back we’ll be looking at what it means to live our our mission in our everyday lives.  The things we’ve learned and experienced here have the power to reframe our thoughts, words, and actions back home.  Jesus told the man in the story […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 7

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Today’s Theme: Jesus Reframes Your Future Read John 14:12 Could life get any better for the disciples than when Jesus was with them? After he left them, they’d be on their own to figure things out. But, Jesus reframed their future, giving them the Holy Spirit and the promise of even greater things to come. […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 6

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Today’s Theme: Jesus Reframes Your Past Read John 21:15-18 Peter meant well—but he kept messing up. He said the wrong things at the wrong time, was hot-headed and impulsive, and even tried to correct Jesus. In his darkest moment, he denied even knowing Jesus. Yet, Peter truly loved Jesus. So Jesus reframed Peter’s past by […]

What happened at Everest VBS?

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First Trinity held it’s annual Vacation Bible School  July 13-17, 2015. What a wild, wonderful week we had, learning how to conquer life’s challenges with God’s mighty power. Here are some of the facts about the week: We had 284 children at Vacation Bible School, with an average daily attendance of 265. This was an […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 4

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Today’s Theme: Jesus Reframes YOU Read Matthew 9:9-13 Matthew, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, went on to spread the news of Jesus to a giant portion of the world, wrote the book of Matthew, and died a martyr for his faith—but he didn’t start out that way. He was a despised tax collector and ran […]

A Widow in White

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I attended an amazing funeral in May of 2008. It was for John, the music minister of the church I attended in college. This man was a beloved member of our church community, as well as a tremendous musician and worship leader who had brought many people into God’s presence with his talents. John’s funeral […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 3

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Today’s Theme: Jesus Reframes How we Reach God Read Luke 15:8-10 Generally, when we want something, we go out and get it—or at least look for it. We decide. We choose. We pursue. But when it comes to Jesus and His love for us, He isn’t sitting in heaven wondering if we’ll come knocking. Jesus […]

Workcamp 2015 – Day 2

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Today’s Theme: Reframe Read John 14:8-10 How do you picture Jesus? What does He look like? What does He wear? How does he behave? Jesus is truly God. He tells us that when we see him, we see the Father—we see God. That means if we look at Jesus, we’ll understand God’s heart more deeply.  […]