Surprised by Hope

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Thank you so much for a wonderful celebration last weekend for my 10 years of ministry here. The love and support that you have shown me this last decade is overwhelming at times. I truly appreciate all the cards and kind words from everyone. And I was again amazed by the generosity of God’s people […]

My Thoughts on 10 Years at First Trinity

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The church held a celebration event for me this past Sunday for my 10 years at First Trinity. Some of those who weren’t able to make it asked if I could share my words from the event, so here they are… Sue told me I’d get to say a few words today, which I took […]

The Ten Virgins

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One of the things I’ve noticed about having kids is that it takes us longer and longer to get anywhere. It’s not really about the journey being longer though, but rather about the getting ready taking longer. Going on a trip? Have to pack for five people now. Going out the door? Everyone has to […]

The House Built on the Rock

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Our family did a staycation this summer, exploring stuff in the greater Buffalo region that we wouldn’t normally get to do as a family. One of my favorite destinations was Stony Brook State Park, where we hiked up the gorge as a family to see God’s glorious hand at work in creation. My two older […]

So That’s What it Means to Go

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Can I share a frustration with you? I’m not very good at gardening, but we have a really large flower bed in front of our house, so I’m forced to do it. You know what annoys me about gardening? The plants I want to grow seem to require ideal conditions to grow. For example, they […]