Fathers, Pastor Your Family

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Parents have a tough job. Raising children is very rewarding, but it’s also very demanding. There aren’t really any breaks when your kids are awake, and precious few when they are sleeping. They notice everything you do and say, learning how to act and speak, so you’re always trying to put your best foot forward. […]

The Habit of Celebration

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We recently purchased a home in the area. It’s been a long, 3-year journey to get to this point, lined with disappointment and missed opportunities. It was grueling as we’d spend half a year looking at houses, then take a break for six months before starting again. Several houses looked great, only to slip away […]

The Habit of Confession

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There’s a story in the Old Testament about Nehemiah, a great man of God. He was an Israelite living in exile, serving King Artaxerxes as cupbearer. One day, God called him back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city. Nehemiah asked permission from the king and was granted not only leave to go, but resources to […]