The Shepherd’s Shepherd

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I have always been taken with the phrase “a man’s man.” There’s something about the word repetition that makes it catchy, though its meaning confused me for awhile. “A man’s man” seems to be a man who fulfills some people’s basic stereotypes of masculinity: likes hunting and fast cars, loves deep sea fishing and most […]

Open the Door

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Growing up, the door to my bedroom was just a little too big. It was the kind of door that was considered “shut” when about 1/8” of the door overlapped the frame. If you shoved hard enough, you could close it all the way, but that just meant it was going to be a pain […]

Special Christmas Offering 2016

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Every Christmas and Easter we have a special offering benefiting a mission outside of First Trinity. In our vision, we talk about joining Jesus in our community, nation, and world. At Easter, we focus on our surrounding community, while at Christmas we partner with an international ministry. This Christmas, we will be supporting the Israel […]