Final Update from Nepal Team (Wednesday night)

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Pastor Chuck Whited and Director of Care Ministries, Marsha Peth have joined with some people from Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church and a UB Campus Ambassador on a mission trip to Nepal with Sowers Ministries, June 18 – 30.

What an amazing mission trip this has been!   God has done a mighty work!

– Worshipped, taught, and prayed over 3000 believers in twelve churches
– Baptized 52 people in one day in the river and 2 special girls one night in a roof top baptism
– Gave school supplies and computers, sang and danced with 1000 children in five schools
– Supported and instructed 400 pastors at a pastoral conference
– Gave certificates and celebrated 26 young women who completed sewing school
– Encouraged 25 pastors and believers in their mission against human trafficking
– Gave the Good News of Jesus, the light of the world in a VBS program for 39 children
– Dedicated one new church
– Thousands of lives impacted for the Kingdom of God
– Thousands of people who have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ
– One very thankful American-Chinese-Indian-Nepali missionary team!
– Glory to God!  Alleluia!
The team will begin making their way back to this side of the world soon (they leave Kathmandu around noon our time tomorrow). They have a five hour flight from Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi, where they have a three hour layover. Then they fly fourteen hours from Abu Dhabi to New York City, where they have a four hour layover before flying home to Buffalo. That’s around a 27 hour travel “day”. Please pray for rest and endurance!
They are scheduled to be on JetBlue #2302, arriving at 2:17 p.m. Friday, in case you’re interested in welcoming them home.  If we hear of any change to their flight plans, we will post those on First Trinity’s Facebook page.
4 Responses to "Final Update from Nepal Team (Wednesday night)"
  1. Faith Jacoby says:

    Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord for allowing this time to pass for all in Nepal with so many blessings, and keeping so many safe by Your protecting Hands! Remain with everyone as they travel back to their homes – grant them safe travel – may the Holy Spirit touch each and every person who shared in this time, and may the people of Nepal be freed from the terrible evils that touch their every day lives, in Jesus Name we do pray!

  2. bruce r stone says:

    God is good, so good, perfect

  3. Susan Zimberg says:

    Come home safely it’s very my privilege to have been praying for you and all those children.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Welcome Home!!

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