Friday Night Update from Nepal Mission Team

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Pastor Chuck Whited and Director of Care Ministries, Marsha Peth have joined with some people from Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church and a UB Campus Ambassador on a mission trip to Nepal with Sowers Ministries, June 18 – 30.

What an amazing day!   It is hard to put into words all that God is doing in Nepal.   You can feel the Holy Spirit moving in tangible ways; God’s great desire for people to know His love for them; How He is drawing people to Himself to pour out His grace and compassion to them.  God’s Presence is so evident!  Amazing grace!

We began the day in worship with a small church.  The people there have such a longing for God.  They praise Him with great excitement and thanksgiving!    Many people sang and danced before the Lord.  We met A young  boy who had been living on the streets for two years before He was found and brought to the orphanage.  He wants to be a pastor and has been so hungry for Gods word that He reads his Bible all the time.  He is already leading a Bible study for other children!  He is only nine years old!   The orphanages and churches are providing a new life in Christ for so many!   After a worship time of teaching and preaching and singing and dancing we prayed for each member of the church- for mighty healing, for strength, for faith.  We always pray for the Pastors here, that God would protect and sustain them in their difficult work.  They have such big hearts for the people and for the Lord.
The afternoon was spent at a school. Once again their children are from the untouchable caste and their school receives little help from the government.  The government only paid for one teacher, so seven teachers have split that pay for years.  The local people have all saved and contributed to provide a building and supplies, and food and clothing for many families who have nothing.  The Sowers Ministry is helping to supply their needs.  In this school the Gospel is preached!  Our team sang Father Abraham with them.  Also other fun songs.  We did a skit about the Fruit of the Spirit that was very fun!  Then we handed out backpacks and pencils for the children.  So many of the children danced and sang.  Pastor Raj from India who is with our team taught them the banana song.  Ask us about it when we come home!
In the evening we did a Bible Study meeting at another pastor’s home.  He is the pastor who sponsors girls rescued from human trafficking.  We shared testimonies and teaching, praise and prayer.  Then Pastor Chuck baptized two young girls!  Alleluia!  They now have a new life in Christ always and have received the gift of the Holy Spirit!   We had a meal together of delicious food made by the Pastors wife and daughters.  They are so good to us here!  So gracious!   Before we left we prayed over a girl who will soon begin work in against human trafficking.  We also prayed for the girls who were baptized and the Pastor of the church and his family.  So much grace in one night!
We began our day at 9:30 a.m. and arrived back at the hotel at 10:00 p.m. With only a ten minute break in the day.  We go to sleep tonight full of excitement and fully satisfied, resting in God’s goodness and grace!
3 Responses to "Friday Night Update from Nepal Mission Team"
  1. Faith Jacoby says:

    So much in such a short time – so many blessings! Feeling even more grateful for all we have, and keeping all of you in prayer. God Bless all and lead you where you are needed most. Love and prayers always!

  2. Jean Schultz says:

    With you in prayer and thanking the Lord for His many blessings, both upon you and upon the Nepalese brothers and sisters in Christ. Grace and peace be yours in abundance! 2 Peter 1:2

  3. bruce stone says:

    This sounds like the work of the Spirit, when you can not even catch your breath. I wonder how the other members of the team are going and if they are writing about their experiences?

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