Thursday Evening Update from Nepal Team

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Pastor Chuck Whited and Director of Care Ministries, Marsha Peth, have joined with some people from Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church and a UB Campus Ambassador on a mission trip to Nepal with Sowers Ministries, June 18 – 30.

Wonderful day today!  We began at a school that has had no support from the government since the earthquake here.  Sowers Ministries has helped them rebuild, provided school supplies and food, funded salaries for two teachers (who otherwise would not have been paid) and also given money for building improvements.  The teachers were all given bonuses and the students new pencils.  They are very poor people with very grateful loving hearts.

In the afternoon we celebrated the dedication of a new church.  The believers there are mostly from the “untouchable caste” and are very poor.   The new church was a thatched roof structure with plastic from old grain bags for floor flooring.  But it was all decorated with balloons and streamers and filled with joyful believers giving thanks and praise to God the Father!  They played Nepali instruments and we all sang and danced and raised big Alleluias!  Worshiping, preaching,teaching, and praying made for a full afternoon!
At night we worshiped with a small church whose people long for the Lord.  Prayed over many people who needed healing.
Back to our hotel around 10:00, tired but joyfully thanking God for His mighty move in Nepal.
Each day has been very hot and humid.  No rain in the days.  At each church or school we are greeted with gifts of flowers, leis, and scarves.  The people are so appreciative of our coming, saying that “they have hoped and prayed that we would come”.  They give us so much love!  Please pray for the people of Nepal.  They have a a hard life here, with much poverty and persecution.  They are such loving people who are seeking Jesus and trusting in Him.
3 Responses to "Thursday Evening Update from Nepal Team"
  1. Jean Schultz says:

    My daily prayers are with the mission team and also with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nepal. May our Lord bless and keep you all and give you His peace.

  2. Faith Jacoby says:

    God Bless all of you who are there to be with the people of Nepal. My heart aches for the way they live, but with the tears comes the happiness that the Lord has brought you all there and kept you safe. For the joy, gifts and Faith you are sharing with them and letting them know they are not alone in spite of the terrible conditions they live under – is a tremendous blessing to all. Continued prayers for your ministry, the people of Nepal and safety for all, we do pray.

  3. Carolyn says:

    I really love reading these posts. I think of what rural China was like and it sounds like Nepal is even poorer.
    I’m so grateful that we support Sowers Ministry.


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