Wednesday update from Nepal Mission Team

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Pastor Chuck and Director of Care Ministries, Marsha Peth have joined with some people from Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church and a UB Campus Ambassador on a mission trip to Nepal with Sowers Ministries, June 18 – 30.

Today was the Pastor’s Conference.   About 500 pastors and leaders and their families attended.  Great worship- teaching singing, dancing, and praying.  All of the team (New York, Houston, and China members) involved. Much praising and singing with great joy.  Music styles ranged from traditional  Nepali worship songs , to a sort of hip hop rap, to Chinese worship songs.  Great joy in all the singing and dancing!  We all danced too!   Beautiful children sat with the team and danced with us.

We were greeted with flower leis and pastor hats and scarves for the women.  Also three girls came and gave each of us hug and kisses.  The Nepali believers are so gracious and full of God’s love!
The theme of the conference was 1 Thessalonians 5:11 – building each other up.   So important for these Nepali pastors and leaders to hear teaching on this as they are out on their own in small churches around Nepal and face much persecution.  The Nepali government complies with the India government which has been burning down Christian churches, so there is persecution in Nepal as well.  We joined with them in praising Jesus and in keeping our Nepali brothers and sisters in our prayers at home.
Please continue to pray.  The team is doing well.
God is good.  His mission happening here in Nepal is great!  Please keep Nepali churches in prayer!
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  1. Faith B Jacoby says:

    So overwhelmed to hear of all the wonderful things that are happening, but concerned for all of you and the people of Nepal who live under persecution everyday. Makes me thank the Lord even more this morning for the freedom we have. Continuing to give you all to the Lord – may He bless your interaction and keep you all safe.

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