Where Are You From?

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My heart raced and my throat tightened, two of my trademark anxiety symptoms. I had no appetite for breakfast, so I downed an instant breakfast protein shake. No, I wasn’t getting ready to go skydiving. I was driving my kids to school, and I was thinking again, “I just don’t like this place.” My discontent […]

Reading “A New Kind of Leader” by Reggie Joiner

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First Trinity’s Executive Ministry Team (EMT)* makes a practice of reading and discussing books together, to help us continue to grow spiritually and professionally. We thought we’d share those books here, in case you’d like to read them, as well. We’re just finishing up with “A New Kind of Leader” by Reggie Joiner. The book […]

Choose Joy

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You may have noticed that in many Advent wreaths, the candle marking the third Sunday of Advent is pink (sometimes called “rose-colored”) instead of purple. This is because the third Sunday is called “Gaudete” or “Joy” Sunday, translated from Latin. The change in color represents a lightening of the mood of Advent. While Advent is […]

Where is God when I feel alone?

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As an introvert, I like my alone time. Sunday afternoons are spent crashing on the couch or playing computer games by myself after a people-filled weekend. If I don’t get that alone time, I get cranky and grumpy. Being able to schedule and keep alone time is critical for my health. But what happens when […]