My Security

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I used to play Monopoly a lot as a kid. I’m not really sure why, but the hat was always my favorite piece. I’d try to grab it first and get it on the board, ready to conquer the world and accumulate all the properties. I’d slowly acquire properties, develop them, and accumulate a pile […]


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The youngest of the eight sons of Jesse, David was not considered very important. When the prophet Samuel came to find the next king for Israel, he came to Jesse’s household. Jesse put forth each of the seven sons ahead of David, but none were destined to be the future king. When Samuel asked if […]

Jesus Welcomes Sinners

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Over time, the connotations behind certain words and phrases can change. When I was in school, “nerd” was largely seen as an insult, meant to tear down someone who enjoyed math, science, reading, computers, or some other subject. I was often called a nerd—and it hurt. But today, “nerd” has a less pejorative context and […]