Where Are You From?

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My heart raced and my throat tightened, two of my trademark anxiety symptoms. I had no appetite for breakfast, so I downed an instant breakfast protein shake. No, I wasn’t getting ready to go skydiving. I was driving my kids to school, and I was thinking again, “I just don’t like this place.” My discontent […]

Choose Joy

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You may have noticed that in many Advent wreaths, the candle marking the third Sunday of Advent is pink (sometimes called “rose-colored”) instead of purple. This is because the third Sunday is called “Gaudete” or “Joy” Sunday, translated from Latin. The change in color represents a lightening of the mood of Advent. While Advent is […]

The Shepherd’s Shepherd

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I have always been taken with the phrase “a man’s man.” There’s something about the word repetition that makes it catchy, though its meaning confused me for awhile. “A man’s man” seems to be a man who fulfills some people’s basic stereotypes of masculinity: likes hunting and fast cars, loves deep sea fishing and most […]

Hold On

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I have always struggled with Jacob. Here I am, trying to teach my children about the fruits of the Spirit, about the Beatitudes, about the golden rule. And then I read about Jacob. Jacob steals his father Isaac’s blessing from his twin brother Esau by tricking Isaac. Esau, of course, is very angry, and Jacob […]

Waiting for Figs

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September 20, 2014 was not an easy day for me. I was going on six months since being diagnosed with clinical anxiety, and I’d been struggling especially with social anxiety. Over the summer I had a panic attack at a conference dinner that I attended with my husband and several of his colleagues. I spent […]

Elevator Speech

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When I was seven years old, I lived in an apartment building with fifteen floors. I used to spend hours on the elevator, talking to whoever came in. I’d greet them and take the few minutes before their stop to learn their name and what they had done that day. Then I’d tell them whatever […]

Gerbers, Gushing, and God

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We recently had to replace a very old toilet in our home. When the plumber, Trent, reviewed my options for which new models to choose from, he was non-committal. “This one’s okay; this one’s pretty good, except the neck can cause problems; this one has a fancy handle if you like that.” Then he came […]

Complete Your Purchase

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I love online shopping. I love sitting down at my computer and thinking about what it is that I want—a pan, a pair of shoes, a particular craft for my kids—and knowing that, with the power of the internet, I can find exactly what I’m looking for. I love reading reviews, comparing similar products, googling […]