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What If We Do Something Extraordinary?

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One of our daily routines during the school year is homework. I know, I know… no one likes homework. Done well, it’s an important part of the learning process as kids interact with content on their own and master the concepts. It also provides valuable feedback to the teachers. Of course, kids rarely love it. […]

What if we seek God first?

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We have a screen room off the side of our garage in the back yard. It’s great for storing stuff, but without windows it’s problematic for things that can’t get wet. As a result, we store those kinds of items (bikes, lawn mower, tools, etc.) in the garage. This leaves no room for the car […]

What if we humble ourselves and pray?

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It’s easy to get sidetracked or off-target when you consider the myriad possibilities that exist between you and your goal. Oftentimes it will take the form of “what if” questions. What if my underlying assumptions are wrong? What if my plan doesn’t work? What if I start down this path but can’t finish? Sometimes “what […]

Meditate on Good Things

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This weekend we celebrate All Saints’ Day. The first Sunday in November, it’s a time to give thanks and praise to God for those who have gone before us into eternal rest in Christ Jesus. Many of us are worshiping this day because someone helped bring us to faith. God uses His people to reveal […]

Prayer, Not Despair

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There’s a saying in driving instruction that your hands follow your eyes. If you want to drive straight, your eyes should be looking straight out the front of the car. If you are turning left, your eyes will move left and your hands will follow. Where you look eventually determines your direction. Our eyes will […]

Contagious Calm

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Hard things are almost always harder when you face them alone. It might be medical tests or a big move or new job. Without the support of others, facing those tasks can seem insurmountable. At first they might be manageable, but with time, what seemed doable becomes an overwhelming flood of emotion that threatens to […]

My Security

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I used to play Monopoly a lot as a kid. I’m not really sure why, but the hat was always my favorite piece. I’d try to grab it first and get it on the board, ready to conquer the world and accumulate all the properties. I’d slowly acquire properties, develop them, and accumulate a pile […]


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The youngest of the eight sons of Jesse, David was not considered very important. When the prophet Samuel came to find the next king for Israel, he came to Jesse’s household. Jesse put forth each of the seven sons ahead of David, but none were destined to be the future king. When Samuel asked if […]

Jesus Welcomes Sinners

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Over time, the connotations behind certain words and phrases can change. When I was in school, “nerd” was largely seen as an insult, meant to tear down someone who enjoyed math, science, reading, computers, or some other subject. I was often called a nerd—and it hurt. But today, “nerd” has a less pejorative context and […]