Where is God when I feel alone?

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As an introvert, I like my alone time. Sunday afternoons are spent crashing on the couch or playing computer games by myself after a people-filled weekend. If I don’t get that alone time, I get cranky and grumpy. Being able to schedule and keep alone time is critical for my health. But what happens when […]

Texas Mission Trip Update

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First Trinity launched a Texas Mission Trip for Harvey Recovery on very short notice last week. In total, 8 people joined us for the 10-day trip. What a blessing it has been to the people here in Texas, as well as to the team. A few fun stories: We spent the first and part of […]

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Mission Trip

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First Trinity will be sending a team to help with recovery efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey came through. We will be working out of Memorial Lutheran Church in Katy, Texas, where Jason Christ used to serve. While we don’t know the specifics of the work we’ll be doing, we expect it to be labor-intensive […]

I Am the Vine

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When I was in confirmation many moons ago, our Pastor would choose confirmation verses for the students. I don’t remember much about the process other than receiving the verse shortly before confirmation Sunday. I’m not certain I really understood the significance of a confirmation verse at the time. I ended up with John 15:5, our […]

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

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  Rumors are destructive. I wonder if you’ve had this happen to you: Someone asks you about a topic because they “heard” something about you from others and want to find out if it’s true or not. I’m thankful for that person because I can correct the rumors, but I worry about the 99 others […]

In with the New

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Can I tell you something shocking about me and Christmas? One of the small joys for me on Christmas day is opening presents from my mom to see what new clothes she got me. I know, right? You’re probably thinking, “Who is this guy!? He’s clearly no David Fabian or Carl Fretthold to dig receiving […]

Open the Door

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Growing up, the door to my bedroom was just a little too big. It was the kind of door that was considered “shut” when about 1/8” of the door overlapped the frame. If you shoved hard enough, you could close it all the way, but that just meant it was going to be a pain […]

Special Christmas Offering 2016

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Every Christmas and Easter we have a special offering benefiting a mission outside of First Trinity. In our vision, we talk about joining Jesus in our community, nation, and world. At Easter, we focus on our surrounding community, while at Christmas we partner with an international ministry. This Christmas, we will be supporting the Israel […]

Two Families

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My very first position as a church worker was in Katy, Texas. After four years of college, I was placed at Memorial Lutheran Church. It was such a wonderful place to start my professional ministry. There were tons of people who adopted their new intern and made me feel like family. Over time, however, things […]