Simple Blessing

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Have you ever been overwhelmed with someone’s response to your act of service? I had this experience several times. The specifics are different each time, but the core part of the story is the same: I help by doing something relatively minor, they respond as if I’d just done the most difficult thing in the […]

Simple Living

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It’s hard to believe, but I have been in Buffalo for nine years now. It’s the longest I’ve lived in one city since leaving for college in 1995. Prior to moving here in November 2005, I had lived in Texas for 5 years, then 1.5 years in Cleveland. It effectively meant that we moved twice […]

Simple Worship

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Several years ago I had an opportunity to chart how I was using my time. Throughout the day, I would record what I did in 15-minute increments. At the end of the 2-week period, I totaled up all the time spent on various projects and areas of ministry. It was an interesting process. It led […]