Welcoming Peace in the Emergency Room

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And he will be our peace. Micah 5:5a When I had my first panic attack, I had no idea what was going on. Confused and terrified, I spent most of that night in the ER. While I waited to be admitted, I noticed a young man with red hair who was also waiting. We were […]

The Accidental Pizza

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I lay in the brown leather recliner in our attic, the chair where I have fed my three babies these last six years and spent countless nights with each newborn, rocking, nursing, snacking with the hunger of a new mother, and dozing when I could. Because of this, I always think of that chair sentimentally, […]

Simple Blessing

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Have you ever been overwhelmed with someone’s response to your act of service? I had this experience several times. The specifics are different each time, but the core part of the story is the same: I help by doing something relatively minor, they respond as if I’d just done the most difficult thing in the […]

Worship Preview: Give More – Simple Blessing

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We continue our Advent Conspiracy this week with Give More – Simple Blessing. When you give of yourself to others, you become a blessing to them. Changing how we celebrate Christmas starts with simple acts of blessing, as we Give More of our selves this year. We also get to hear our Preschool kids sing […]

Simple Living

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It’s hard to believe, but I have been in Buffalo for nine years now. It’s the longest I’ve lived in one city since leaving for college in 1995. Prior to moving here in November 2005, I had lived in Texas for 5 years, then 1.5 years in Cleveland. It effectively meant that we moved twice […]

Worship Preview: Spend Less – Simple Living

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“I’m busy.” “I’m exhausted.” “I could use a break right now.” Have you ever responded like this when someone who asked how you were doing during the Christmas season? It seems to be a time when we are overcommitted in our schedule and finances. But what if Christmas were different? What if there was space […]

Simple Worship

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Several years ago I had an opportunity to chart how I was using my time. Throughout the day, I would record what I did in 15-minute increments. At the end of the 2-week period, I totaled up all the time spent on various projects and areas of ministry. It was an interesting process. It led […]