Pure in Heart

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Many people were affected by a recent water scare here in Western New York. There was an issue with the water supply being unsafe to drink. Some boiled water for drinking while others turned to bottled water or filled containers in a neighboring town that wasn’t affected. It’s interesting to see the widespread impact that […]

Blessed Are the Merciful

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We usually like it when people get what they deserve. Someone who works hard deserves to be paid accordingly. People who are well-educated deserve the respect that comes with their degree. The friend who has gone out of their way to help you deserves to be appreciated and thanked. We like when good people get […]

Blessed Are Those Who Desire Righteousness

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We don’t eat out very often these days, so it’s always a shock to my system when we do eat out more than a special occasion here or there. Case in point: we eat out (or carry out) a lot more on vacation or when moving. It should come as no surprise that I don’t […]