Telling Others

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Here we are: the last week of the All-Church Book Study about creating God Space in the lives of those around us. It feels appropriate that it also falls on the weekend we celebrate the 499th anniversary of the Reformation, a landmark moment in the history of the Christian church. I believe Luther was “all […]

Wondering with Others

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Understanding comes through good questions. By “wondering” with someone, you discover their heart and soul, their passions and joys, and their struggles and fears. Wondering through good questions is really the primary means by which we truly can understand others. I imagine that if you were to reflect on some of the closest relationships in […]

Listening to Others

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“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” — Ernest Hemingway Have you ever experienced someone actually listening to you, not just hearing you? We expect people to hear us when we speak, but it’s often jarring to find someone who listens completely. Rather than finishing your sentences, interrupting, or immediately responding, they leave […]

Serving Others

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Missions is a big part of who we are at First Trinity. Our youth group has been doing mission trips for over 20 years now. We’ve sent mission teams to Haiti for 13 years, plus trips to China, New Orleans, and New Jersey as needs arise. Serving others through mission trips is part of our […]