What About Suffering?

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There are lots of ways to discipline children. In our house, we like to focus on “natural consequences” whenever possible. If you aren’t playing nicely with a toy, you don’t get to use the toy. If you don’t eat your dinner, you don’t get dessert. One thing leads to another. Suffering is a natural consequence […]

What Brings Fulfillment?

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I went on my first mission trip when I started as a Director of Christian Education Intern in Katy, Texas in the summer of 1999. We left for Mexico just a month after arriving at the church. Having never done a mission trip before, I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect. I went in expecting […]

Where is God?

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One of my favorite Lenten Devotionals is A Violent Grace by Michael Card. He’s a Christian musician that is exceptionally gifted at writing lyrics. This particular book is full of great devotions that help me focus on the sacrifice that Jesus made to bring me life. One of my favorite quotes from the book comes […]

Am I Accepted?

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People often confuse acceptance and approval these days. As Christians, we are in the center of this maelstrom. Christians are increasingly perceived as intolerant of others, especially those who are different. If you don’t act like us, you can’t be one of us. The divide is most evident to me in the relationship between Christians […]

Six Essential Questions Preview

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I posted the basics of the series earlier this week. Here’s a little bit more about the nature of these questions as found in the Announcements devotion this week… In college, I used to enjoy staying up late and talking about deep, complicated questions. Many times, we’d be having a silly conversation about something meaningless, […]