Life Interrupted

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Growing up, two of my best friends were also named Jason. As you can imagine, it was sometimes confusing when talking about the three of us, so we all started using our initials as a sort of nickname. At first, JC was just my initials, but then when I went to school it also stood […]

God’s Perfect Timing

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I started my professional ministry by going on two mission trips in the first four weeks on the job. I had done one before, but they quickly became a large part of my ministry. However, despite taking two trips/year for five years while in Texas, additional trips in Ohio and eventually with First Trinity, I […]

The Parking Lot Neighbor

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Perhaps you can relate to this scenario: It’s a bitter cold winter evening during the holiday season and you have many errands to run. After battling heavy traffic you venture into the busy parking lot of a large shopping plaza – praying for a spot so you can get in and out of the store […]