Joining Jesus in His Mission

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One of the things I love about being in a team ministry at First Trinity is that it’s so much more fun to do ministry with others. There’s joy in serving at an event like Saturday of Service, Workcamp, or volunteering at the hospital. It’s productive, meaningful, and important work. While doing these things on […]

Connected and Caring

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Whenever I travel with other church workers, I always feel a little bit guilty or uncomfortable talking about First Trinity. I didn’t have this problem at my previous churches. It’s not because things are difficult for me here, but actually the opposite. The staff here is so blessed by love and support that the church […]

Equipped and Ready

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Lots of work goes into a family vacation. We went to the Outer Banks a couple years ago. The planning started at least six months prior to departure. We had to figure out who all from the extended family was going. How many rooms do we need? What houses are available that meet our needs? […]

Created for a Purpose

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One of the key learnings from Financial Peace University is that you “spend your monthly income on paper, on purpose, before the month begins.” If your money doesn’t have a purpose, you’re more likely to spend it haphazardly instead of with a goal or destination in mind. Life is that way. If you live life […]