Our Vision For Young Adult Ministry

We pray the following will become true for young adults through the ministry of First Trinity:

Young Adults connected with First Trinity trust God in the midst of these transitional years of their lives because they are grounded in the truth of God’s Word, have supportive relationships with other Christians, and possess an ever-deepening personal relationship with Christ. They feel as if they “fit” here as they have assimilated into this faith community.  Yet, their faith life is not confined to the walls of a church building. Instead, it takes on an active role in their everyday life as we transform our world one life at a time through the power of God’s Living Word.

Programs and Events

Throughout the year, various events, game nights, service projects and activities will be available for College Students and Young Adults.  There are also many things that happen at First Trinity that, while not specifically for Young Adults, would be of interest and relevance to that demographic.  Details about events in both categories can be found on our Young Adult and College Student Calendar below.  If you have any questions or need more details, please contact Rebekah Freed.  You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Small Discipleship Groups – We have found that trying to get everyone’s schedules to line up to get all the young adults together regularly is not very realistic.  While we do plan events and services projects to get the large group together, we have found that small groups of 3-4 people meeting weekly for 6-8 weeks at a time has proved much more beneficial for community in addition to being easier to find time to get together.  We will be starting some of theses groups throughout the summer and fall as people are interested.  If you are, please contact Rebekah Freed and she will get you connected.   She can also give content and support if you’d like to start one of these on your own in your school, workplace, or with a group of friends.
  • Events and Service Projects – Throughout the year we try to offer at least a few times to try to gather Young Adults together in community and/or to serve. Some of these things are for young adults specifically while others are part of larger church-wide events.  We don’t have many of these throughout the summer but watch the calendar below for details about what’s coming up.
    We are excited to be on the University at Buffalo Campus every Wednesday from 1-4 p.m. Students and staff are welcome to come by Commons Room 200 for free coffee, snacks, baked goods, fruit, and more!  Join us any Wednesday.  Grab some food on the go or stay and chat a while.  Oh, and bring a friend!  Find us @UBCommonGround on Instagram and Twitter
  • Ministry at Area College Campuses
    In addition to our ministry at UB, our Director of Young Adult Ministries, Rebekah Freed is also often out and about on other college campuses in the area.  She’d love to treat you to a cup of coffee, just send her a text or Facebook message and she’ll make it happen!
  • Mission Opportunities – We know that as we serve others in Jesus’ Name, we not only carry out His mission for us in life, but also draw closer to Him. Each year, in addition to local opportunities and the Haiti and China Mission opportunities that young adult are invited and encouraged to participate in, we offer a trip specifically for young adults from Western New York.   We’ve gone to NYC, Florida, and Jamaica in the past and this coming year we will serving others in Jesus name in Belize!  The 2017 Trip was to Florida  January 1 – 6, 2017 and our 2018 Trip will be an international trip (location TBD by the end of June).

Other Ways Young Adults Can Connect at First Trinity

The following First Trinity opportunities may be of help or interest to young adults:

  • Saturday of Service – A day to get out and serve in the community with others from First Trinity.
  • Sunday Morning Education Hour – Each Sunday at 10 a.m. there are multiple options for studying God’s Word with others. Join us! Details about what classes are currently offered are on the calendar below.
  • Life Groups – We encourage all members to be involved in a Life Group.  Most of these groups meet weekly for 6 weeks at a time, 3 times a year. Click here for more information.
  • New Member Class – A brief class that helps you figure out what your next step is in your walk with Jesus. This is also the class anyone would take in order to decide whether or not they would like to become a member of First Trinity. (Date TBD for the next class; let us know if you are interested.)
  • Financial Peace University (FPU) – Finances and money are often a struggle for young adults. FPU is a nine-week course learning basic financial principals that not only line up with God’s Word but also really work!  (Date TBD for the next class; let us know if you are interested.)
  • Opportunities to Serve around First Trinity – There are many ways to use your gifts and talents to further God’s Kingdom at First Trinity and in our community.  Contact Bekah Freed to find out other ways you could use your gifts.

Ministry Calendar

This is a calendar with all the young adult and college ministry events as well as things that happen at First Trinity that may be of specific interest to young adults or college students.  Clicking on any event will show more details about the event and which of those categories it falls into.  If you click the “Google Calendar” button on the bottom you will be able to add these events to your own Google Calendar.

For more information about First Trinity’s Young Adult and College Ministries, please contact our Director of Young Adult Ministries, Rebekah Freed.