Who Do You Think You Are?

During the “Who Do You Think You Are?” sermon series, Life Groups are studying the same topics in a different format. You can watch the sermons from this series on this page, and download the Life Group material below. The small group material comes via RightNow Media, our free streaming library. Before each meeting, you’ll want to watch the video from RightNow Media, then complete the study together. Request access to RightNow media here.

Life Group Materials

Click here to download the materials. In the document you’ll find everything you need to complete the study. The referenced videos are from RightNow Media. Once logged in to RightNow Media, search for “Ephesians”. You’re looking for the material from Jason Nelson. It has a blue picture of St. Paul, with EPHESIANS in red text, similar to the cover of the Life Group materials. You can also access the series here.

Sermons (Available January 7)