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Weird Animals VBS Reunion

Weird Animals VBS Reunion

Editor’s Note: We have received a guest post from Dr. Paws, World-Renowned Weird Animal Specialist. He’s very excited to be back for the Vacation Bible School Reunion this weekend it seems.

Welcome back VBS’ers! I heard you were coming back to the Weird Animals VBS reunion, so I just knew I had to make plans to attend as well! Pookie—my half-Tarantula, half-Wildebeest—is doing well in her new home by the penguins.

I’ve been busy since the Vacation Bible School ended. The other zookeepers still sometimes look at me like I’m different, but I always remember, that even though I am different, Jesus loves me. They don’t know it’s me, but I also keep spraying them with the laughing lion venom from VBS… They laugh and laugh and laugh, and just when you think they’re done, they laugh and laugh some more.

I’m super excited about getting to come to the reunion. When Miss Sue invited me, I just knew I had to be there. Everyone was so friendly and fun, plus I learned so many wonderful things there. It has really helped me to remember that Jesus loves me no matter what happens in life. We learned so many great Bible verses and truth from God’s Word together.

One of the Bible verses was Matthew 28:20, from the very first day:


Whenever I feel lonely or like no one is there to help me, I remember that Jesus is always there for me. I hope you are remembering that Jesus is with you too, no matter what happens.

Dr. Paws, World-Renowned Weird Animal Specialist

PS – Watch out for the Hyenas… I heard someone gave them some sugar, and they’re a little crazy… I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt.

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