Noticing the Needs Around You

Noticing the Needs Around You

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During the Advent Conspiracy, we explored the four basic tenets of the program. They are:

  1. Worship Fully
  2. Spend Less
  3. Give More
  4. Love All

“Spend Less” and “Give More” are usually in tension with one another. God calls us to Spend Less on things that don’t point people to Jesus and Give More to the things that do. It’s not that those other things are bad, but if we only have so much time and money, where can we invest it to get the best return? Sometimes, that means giving up those things that don’t point to Jesus, but sometimes it means changing them so they do.

How do you do this in your everyday life? It starts by noticing the people around you, and the needs they might have. We’ve developed a tool to help you with this that uses five expanding categories from our vision: homes, schools, workplaces, communities, and the world. A few tips regarding how to use the tool:

  1. Spend time reflecting on the verses connected to each category.
  2. Ask God to brings names to your mind for people in each category.
  3. Understand the categories in a broad sense. “Home” is bigger than the people living in your house. It could include family members, dear friends that you would consider family, etc. Workplace could include places you volunteer, the UPS driver, or the salesman that calls every other day. Imagine yourself in that setting and think about who you might interact with while there.

Download the “Give More” tool below:


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