Worship Survey: Sharing the Peace and Verbal Announcements

Worship Survey: Sharing the Peace and Verbal Announcements

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Several weeks ago, we talked about some changes we made in worship. You can read some of the background about that here. We’re interested in hearing your thoughts about how we’re doing with the recent changes. Providing a name in the form below helps us follow-up with clarifying questions and address your concerns. All feedback will be shared with the Executive Ministry Team (Pastor Chuck Whited, Jason Christ, Marsha Peth, Sue Steege, Tim Hartnett) and the Worship Planning Team (Jason, Pastor, Tim Amor, Susan Brese)

Sharing of the Peace

We have heard some feedback from members that the sharing of the peace is uncomfortable for various reasons. For some, it’s so uncomfortable that they arrive late to miss it. We also heard from a prominent Christian author online that is passionate about helping churches be guest-friendly that it was (surprisingly) the number one reason guests gave for why they don’t return to a church. In responding to that feedback, our goal is to be sensitive to these needs, while still providing time for fellowship. We tried doing this by removing the sharing of the peace from the beginning and inviting people to stay and visit after the blessing.

Verbal Announcements

We have heard feedback that the Verbal Announcements disrupt the flow of worship in its previous location between the Offering and the Closing Song. It was jarring to pause our worship, listen to some announcements, then resume worship, only to end the service after one song. Our goal is to be less disruptive to the flow of worship, while still providing some time for verbal announcements. We tried moving Verbal Announcements to the beginning of the service, prior to the welcome to accomplish this goal.