Navigating the Twists and Turns of Life

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Life

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“In a half mile turn around.”

I GOT IT TOM! GPS… Such a wonderful tool to get us where we need to go. As a man, I am supposed to be excellent with directions or at least act like I am a brilliant navigator. Put me on the road and I will lead us to where we need to go! Well, that’s not really true in my case. In fact, sometimes I find it impressive I can navigate to places outside my immediate hometown without directions. Enter one of the best gifts ever… GPS. Since ours was a TomTom we affectionately named ours Tom. Tom’s favorite phrase was, “turn around when possible.”

My family and I (and Tom) took a trip to Panama Rocks, a one mile hiking trail in Chautauqua County. Just off of the trail in every direction are 30ft rocks and deep caverns, which you are welcome to climb and explore. We went up and down, forwards and backwards, over and under. At one point I may have been upside down. While the scenery was truly amazing, I think my wife and I were equally astonished that it took us over three hours to essentially walk a one mile trail!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV)

Let’s face it, this thing we call life… It’s no walk in the park some days. There are ups and downs and downs and ups regardless of where you were born, how much money you have, or whether you’re married or single. Often in life I have wanted to trust what I thought and what I wanted to do. After all, I know what is best for me right? “Turn around.”

I find when I follow the “David path”, I end up turning the wrong way or climbing the mountain I don’t need to climb. It’s at this point, when I am utterly lost and exhausted from trying to find the right way, I look to life’s GPS, God. “God, I am lost. I have no idea what I am supposed to do from here. My way, as you might have noticed, is not working. I need you, Lord.”

“Your Word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105 NIV)

This is when I feel G.P.S. (God Providing Security) taking over. All of a sudden, I do see the direction I am supposed to head in. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, one of the largest mistakes that we make is assuming that from this point our path will be well lit and straight.

My friend, that is simply not true. You need to climb back down the mountain or out of the cavern still. But David, that’s hard. You’re right, but you won’t be alone this time. God is with you. I will tell you from personal experience: He will carry you if you are willing to let Him. He will bring people into your life that you had no idea even existed. He will guide you through places you didn’t know were there and that you thought were impassable. He will help you accomplish things that you would have never fathomed. My friend, He will carry you out of the darkness and into the Light. He will make your path straight.

Truth: A GPS for your life and my life already exists. The question you and I need to answer is, will I follow where it leads me?

I would be honored if you would share a time in your life where you were called to “turn around.” How did you do it?


  1. Debbie Kopec

    Wow Dave, I must first tell you I really enjoy reading these blogs!! The one about “Home” was very touching and now again this one!

    My “turn around” story well I’m living it. Before even knowing my husband Scott, I was engaged to another man. However, I was truly unhappy. Everyone around me, friends, family, coworkers, they all thought we were just perfect. But, I wasn’t truly convinced, although I accepted his proposal. I just kept thinking things would get better once we were married or if I wanted out I could get out…. Divorce. Now, who thinks like that before the most special and the most happiest time in your life.. Me.

    I didn’t have a family member or a friend who I could “turn” to because they all loved him and no one I ever knew ever called off an engagement. So, I went to a talk to a counselor, which it helped me but when I tried expressing my feelings to my fiancé he thought I was crazy.

    Now, I worked in a dispatch office which I spoke to technicians on the phone all over the western New York area. I became friends with many techs over the years but one particular technician stands out from the rest. He was a bit cocky and loud over the phone and you may even say did not give off a good impression, a good first impression that is . But, there was a time he shared a story or two about other things besides work which lead me to think, I got him pegged wrong. So, one particular story was how he was engagement in the past and called off his engagement…WHAT someone I could finally talk to about how I had been feeling. Now mind you I have never met this technician and he didn’t know me or my fiancé but I finally had a chance to ask someone “How” “how did you have the strength to call off an engagement?”
    This stranger was the ears and voice I needed to actually help me through the hardest decision I had to make . I did it! I called of the engagement and never felt more relief in my whole life. My family had mixed emotions but in the end they finally did see the real him and couldn’t be more proud of me.

    Now this technician, who for months I had never seen his face but only knew his voice was sent by God. After our first blind date, who would have thought he would be the man I was meant to be with. Yes, it was Scott and without his story and his “turn” around I wouldn’t have had “my turn” around. Almost 10yrs later and 3 ” snuggle bugs” later…. We know God is Good!!

    Praise God!
    Debbie Kopec

    • David Fabian Author

      Debbie, this is amazing. It sounds like it should be at the box office right now. I can’t imagine how difficult of a decision it was for both you and Scott to make, but at the same time how great it worked out for both of you in the end. Perhaps we could make a comparison to the difficulty we can sometimes face in making the decision to follow what God wants us to do. Then again, its extremely encouraging to know how great it is when we do! Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Debbie Kopec

        Aw Dave thank you! It felt good to express those feelings, so pure! You are so right at how hard a decision may be but the Truth will set you free…. And how good does it feel when we speak the truth…trust in God for he is good!! He sure is!!
        Bless your heart for opening up mine!!
        Debbie 🙂

  2. Rebekah Freed

    A twist and turn in my plans: I was set to go to Africa one summer in college. I literally had letters written and ready to put in the mail when, for various reasons, God made it very clear that I was supposed to be working at the summer camp I had worked at the past few years instead. Really there was no one else who had the knowledge of the camp to be able to do the job they called asking me to do. I gave up the dream of going to Africa thinking it wouldn’t be able to happen the next summer because I would be starting my DCE internship. As God would have it, one of the fellow staff members I met that summer at camp was planning to go to Uganda the following summer. When the person she was going with backed out a few months before the trip, I ended up with an even better opportunity than the summer before and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been at camp the year before.

    • David Fabian Author

      Bekah, wow, if there is ever a testament to God saying, “Trust in me and [basically] I got this.” Just think how your life would be different if you had chosen not to listen to God. Crazy. Thanks so much for commenting!

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