February 2015 Executive Ministry Team Meetings Highlights

February 2015 Executive Ministry Team Meetings Highlights

Who is the Executive Ministry Team?

First Trinity’s Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is made up of:

  • Pastor Chuck Whited
  • Jason Christ (Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries)
  • Marsha Peth (Director of Care Ministries)
  • Sue Steege (Director of Transformation Ministries)
  • Director of Serve Ministries (Vacant)
  • Tim Hartnett (Ministry Operations Manager)

The EMT meets twice, monthly. This update gives highlights from both meetings in February 2015. Any questions? Feel free to contact Sue Steege (ssteege@firsttrinity.com or 716-440-5025).


  • Discussed chapters 7-10 in “Joining Jesus on His Mission” by Greg Finke. Focused conversation on how to watch for what God is doing all around us everyday and make note of it.
  • Performance reviews: Trying new performance review system (Develop.me.com). Still testing the system. Jason and Sue have inputted some goals. Pastor will put his in and Kathy Figini will join the system.
  • Vision Process: First of the feedback meetings held on 2/24 went very well. 10 or so people. Great feedback. We’d like all the staff to fill out the worksheet whether they make it to a feedback meeting or not. We started a list of things to consider when re-looking at the Vision Statement and Strategic Plan Draft for finalization. Appreciated the way Pastor Chuck connected the Vision Statement Draft to Scripture.
  • Generosity Team: EMT approved the creation of a Generosity Team—a working team tasked with cultivating a heart of outrageous generosity in new and existing givers. David Fabian will chair. Tim and Jason will be a part and they will be looking for more members. $1,000 budget to be found within existing budget. David and Jason have begun recruiting for this team.  This team’s main purpose is to cultivate a heart of outrageous generosity in new and existing givers. In so doing the Team will look for various opportunities/ways to increase giving to First Trinity Mission and Ministry.
  • Staff Meeting Agenda (for March 3): Vision Process Update, Congregational Meeting invitation, Current Challenges and asking staff to think about the one or ones they’d like to work on, Budget Review.
  • Bi-Annual Report: Jason requests that everyone get their stuff to him ASAP.
  • LCES Grant: We recommend applying for a grant for Lifetree at UB and not submitting competing grants.
  • Sharing the Peace: Jason is getting the survey information and feedback to the Worship Planning Team. They will make a recommendation.
  • Budget Review: We are behind $23,200 at the end of January in budgeted giving (although we are slightly up in giving in real dollars over last year). We are asking whether we should do a special appeal. The Generosity Team will be working on a longterm solution, but we may not see those benefits for six months or so. Will have a conversation with the Ministry Council about this.
  • EMT Meeting Leadership Process/Plan: Marsha does not enjoy leading the EMT meetings. She will partner with Tim by doing the devotions when he leads. Also we will make a practice of making sure Kathy Figini knows what to put in the minutes and not speaking over ourselves all the time.
  • Ministry Highlights:
    • Pastor: Did a Baptism on Saturday morning, 2/14 and a wedding at Grace Lutheran in Niagara Falls that same day. Attended installation of new pastor at Grace Lutheran in Niagara Falls on Sunday 2/15. Tim Amor is doing the funeral for Floris Sarver on 2/14. Pastor did a funeral for Amy Menard on 2/22.
    • Jason (Attract & Middle School Ministries): Baptismal event for Cornerstone families went very well. Working on Generosity Team. Working with Jon Morris and Aesthetics Committee on the monitor for the entrance.
    • Marsha (Care Ministries): Dorothy Rothrock is going to try and do Prayer Partners for the whole staff. Pastor will keep his PIT Crew. Prayer Partners will pray at home. Staff will let them know what to pray for. Would be helpfult to have a request form for staff to fill out.
    • Sue (Transformation Ministries): Working a lot on Vision Process. Had a good meeting with Kingdom Quest Leaders who are working on Greeting and Welcoming families.
  • Calendar
    • Tim Hartnett out of town, February 13 – March 9
    • Marsha Peth out of town, February 20—22
    • Vision Feedback meeting is February 28, 9:30 a.m.
    • “When God Left the Building” movie event, March 7, 9:30 a.m.
    • EMT/Ministry Council meeting is March 10, 6:30 p.m.
    • Congregational Meeting is March 21, 10:00 a.m.


  1. Lynn Shaffer

    Thanks for sharing these notes. Nice to hear what is going on behind the scenes. Especially like the Ministry Highlights.

    • Jason Christ

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      If you think someone would enjoy reading these updates, you can always send the direct link to them also and encourage them to stop by.

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