Executive Ministry Team Meeting Highlights for March 25, 2015

Executive Ministry Team Meeting Highlights for March 25, 2015

The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is the team tasked with leading the everyday operations and programs of First Trinity. The EMT is led by Pastor Chuck Whited. Serving on the team are Jason Christ (Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries), Marsha Peth (Director of Care Ministries), Sue Steege (Director of Transformation Ministries), and Tim Hartnett (Ministry Operations Manager). Also included would be the Director Serve Ministries (vacant). We meet twice monthly.

March 25, 2015

We spent some time talking through an initial timeline of re-vamping, re-energizing our small groups ministry. Sue Steege shared this draft of the process. Anyone interested in serving on this team, contact Sue Steege (ssteege@firsttrinity.com).

Debbie Ferrante (Preschool Director), Bekah Freed (Director of High School and Young Adult Ministries), Mike Zekas (Maintenance), and Jon Morris (Architect with Camina Wood Morris) joined us for the bulk of the meeting in which we discussed Preschool Expansion. The Ministry Council in a special meeting on March 21 approved the program expansion in which we will add a second classroom for Four Year Olds. That class will meet in what is currently the office cubicle room upstairs in the Preschool building. Jon shared possible plans for renovating the space and we talked through possible new office spaces for Bekah Freed, Susan Brese (Traditional Worship) and Kathy Passage (Bookkeeper), as well as a place for our Tellers to work. Where we are in the process: we will get numbers from LBM before deciding if we can do the renovations this summer (2015) or next (2016). The new classroom will happen, regardless.

The Worship Planning Team (Pastor Chuck, Jason Christ, Susan Brese, and Tim Amor)  is making a recommendation to the EMT that we return to having a greeting at the beginning of each worship service. There was not a clear answer in the 30 surveys that were turned in from people. They were pretty divided. The Worship Planning Team believes that it is helpful to give people a chance to greet each other, especially as we work to help people make connections with others, in the future. The EMT endorsed the recommendation. The recommendation will now go to the whole staff at their next meeting, which is April 14.

We’re working to spread the word about our special Easter Offering, benefiting Jericho Road. A mailing to all members goes out today.

We’re excited about the Vision that was presented at the Congregational Meeting on March 21. AND there have been some wonderful, early signs that God is moving in this Vision:

  • The Preschool Expansion, which is moving ahead of our hoped-for schedule. God has provided families that make it possible to “go for it” and reach even more children with God’s love.
  • Two people have called Tim Hartnett asked him to raise their automatic giving in response to the Vision and to our current “budget crunch”.
  • Grief Support Ministries are beginning to get rolling.

Next step: the Strategic Plan!

Next EMT Meeting: April 8

Next Staff Meeting: April 14

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