Where do we find God?

Where do we find God?

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“Let my cry come before you, O Lord; give me understanding according to your word!” Psalm 119:169 ESV

There’s a group on my campus that meets every Wednesday night, called Ratio Christi. It’s an apologetics group aimed at educating Christians and non-Christians alike about the case we can make for God, based on Science, Mathematics, Logic, etc. Each week is a new topic, and a different point is discussed. This week, it just happened to be, a mathematical explanation for one way God could be performing miracles. The explanation assumed that dimensions exist, and that we exist in the third dimension, therefore God exists in a higher dimension. It’s an explanation that’s way too hard to explain short term, so if you ever want to know more, I’d love to share!

I feel like that’s one of those questions that we have to deal with ourselves, and also be ready to talk to others about when they’re trying to figure out who, what, where, when, why and how God is. It’s hard to believe in something you can’t see… But, can we really not see God?

I don’t think so. Okay, in the physical sense, no. We can’t see God manifested in a visible being standing right in front of us. But, we can see people, and things. And those are the things God works and speaks through.

How often do we gather in groups and talk about God sightings? We share ways God revealed His presence to us in the little and the big things in our lives. They can be things we’ve heard about, or seen, things that have happened to us and to those around us. But we’re talking about real ways we’ve seen God. And how many of these that we share involve people around us displaying amazing compassion, work ethic, and faith?

God uses the people around us to help us understand Him and His character. He uses us and the people around us to carry out the mission he called us to, in going forward and sharing the message of God’s grace and our salvation.

“[John] was not the light, but came to bear witness about the light.” John 1:8 ESV

I think my favorite example of this is when God inserts Himself into our lives just at the right time. Here’s an example: back when I was writing my first blog post, on “Who do you say that I am?”, I was a little stumped for what to say. I’ve written on my own blog, but I do whatever I want there – I pick my topics because generally, I know exactly what I want to say. As I continued to get more and more worried about not being able to deliver a thoughtful message, God just jumped right into my life and drew my attention right to Him.

At our large group gathering for InterVarsity that week, our speaker was talking to us about evangelism and its different forms. Then he referenced Matthew 16:15-16 and I almost cried right there. Before Sunday school, I looked over my lesson plans, only to realize that our lesson for the next two weeks was those two verses. Totally floored. If I wasn’t totally and overwhelmingly aware of God’s intercession in that situation, I sure am now.

There are so many more ways I have seen God working in and through people, but that would take pages and pages! But I definitely encourage you to think about the question – this would be an awesome thing to share as a family, with friends, or you could blog about it or keep it in a journal!

Where have I seen God at work in and around me today? 


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