What About Suffering?

What About Suffering?

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There are lots of ways to discipline children. In our house, we like to focus on “natural consequences” whenever possible. If you aren’t playing nicely with a toy, you don’t get to use the toy. If you don’t eat your dinner, you don’t get dessert. One thing leads to another.

Suffering is a natural consequence of sin in the world. It was never a part of God’s plan. We experience suffering because we are sinful people. We make bad choices (sin) and suffer the natural consequence. God could have chosen to leave this system in place, but He had a better plan.

He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities. Psalm 103:10

God has chosen to deal with us not in our sinfulness, but according to who we are in Jesus Christ. Jesus bore the suffering we deserved so that we could have the eternal life that He deserved. He has not repaid us according to our sin.

God chose to show love and compassion when he could have shown wrath and anger. And now He’s inviting us to do the same. We have an opportunity to bless those who are suffering, to show love and compassion to those in need.

This Easter, we will be collecting a special offering in partnership with Jericho Road Ministries to help refugees and others in need in Western New York. You can read more about the special offering on our website and Facebook pages. We hope you will join us in making an eternal impact in our community!

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