A Vision for First Trinity in 2020

A Vision for First Trinity in 2020

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As we cast a vision for 2020, it is broad strokes. This is not a strategy or a road map of how to get where we want to be. It is a vision of what we are moving toward, so that in five years, it describes what we will look like.

What we truly want is to be the people God calls us to be. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

This vision came from the people of First Trinity. Our desire is for everyone to feel ownership of the vision and see how they can be a part of the mighty work of God in this place. Over the next few weeks we will break down this vision statement and take a deeper look at it. Then working together, we can transform our world, one life at a time, through the power of God’s living word.

As you read the vision statement below, keep in mind that vision statements are future focused, but written in present tense as though it has already been accomplished. Vision answers the question, “Where are we going?” So the statement is written as if we have arrived in 2020 and are describing our church in the present tense.

Our Vision for First Trinity in 2020

First Trinity is a growing family who is passionate about our Lord Jesus Christ. We prayerfully understand who God has created us to be and where the Spirit is calling us to make a difference, both individually and corporately. We are equipping individuals, families and groups through God’s Word, to carry the Gospel beyond our physical building into their homes, schools, workplaces, communities, and world. We love to worship together in and through multiple settings and styles, as we continue to worship with our everyday lives. First Trinity is a safe place where people are connected in supportive relationships, cared for, prayed for, listened to, and challenged to make a difference. We joyfully recognize and join Christ in His work in the Church, our community, nation, and world.



  1. bruce

    As the main trainer for 1st trinity, do you have a list or a driving specific challenge for this coming month?

    • Jason Christ

      Hey Bruce! We are still working on a comprehensive strategic plan, but our current focus (next 6 months or so) for moving the vision forward is looking at some of the current “challenges” that exist at First Trinity. They are written in “How to” language to encourage action:

      How to help people know that their voice is heard and valued?
      How to help people make meaningful connections with others?
      How to grow our pool of volunteers?
      How to grow people’s regular engagement with worship and study?
      How to grow our giving to ongoing Mission and Ministry at First Trinity?
      How to help the congregation process the pain of so many deaths?
      How to find help for Pastor Whited in regards to funerals/weddings?
      How to help people get the information they want?
      How to help people identify and use their spiritual gifts?
      How to help staff members (who may already feel overwhelmed) evaluate ministry responsibilities in light of the Vision?

      In addition to these, we’re also evaluating our current ministries to see if they “fit” with our current vision. If you wanted to be part of the process of addressing these challenges, you can let myself or Sue Steege know which ones interest you and we’ll add you to the list.

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