The Easter Offering Update

The Easter Offering Update

FT Easter Offering Artwork 2015

Well, Easter has passed and we have our first update for the Easter Offering. You can read some of the back story for the Easter Offering in this post, but the brief version of the story is this: we wanted to make a difference in our community this Easter with a special offering for Jericho Road Ministries. God has worked amazing things through the outrageous generosity of His people. In total, people have donated $7,934.60. In addition, the Erie County Thrivent Chapter is donating an additional $1,500, bringing the total to $9,434.60. Praise God!

Some interesting facts about the offering beyond the total amount:

  • 132 Member Households donated to the Easter Offering.
  • 30 Non-Member Households donated to the Easter Offering.
  • There were 173 total gifts, which means several households had multiple people in the household make a contribution (ie, a parent and a child).
  • 8 people gave at First Trinity for the first time ever during the Easter Offering.

If you missed participating on Easter, we will be accepting contributions for the next couple weeks. You can give online, during worship, or mail in your contribution.


  1. Marsha Peth

    Praise God for all the blessings He has given and for how His Holy Spirit has moved in people’s hearts!

  2. Nmurszewski

    AMEN! I know the Holy Spirit was working in many people that day and we wanted to help with all the amazing contributors to Jericho Road. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  3. Wendy Morris

    I feel overwhelmed and amazed by our gracious God, but also by this gift. At a time when our church budget is tight, our church leaders chose to give rather than receive. Awesome.

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