Equipped and Ready

Equipped and Ready

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Lots of work goes into a family vacation. We went to the Outer Banks a couple years ago. The planning started at least six months prior to departure. We had to figure out who all from the extended family was going. How many rooms do we need? What houses are available that meet our needs? Do we need a pool? How is food going to work?

After the initial group planning, you have your own planning and packing. What do we need to bring? How much money are we budgeting for while we’re there? Should we save space and buy food there, or pack it in a cooler and bring it along? Did someone get car ride snacks? What will the kids do in the car on such a long drive?

Eventually, all the planning and packing is done. You load up in the car and the adventure begins. Everything that came before led to this point. Now is when the fun and excitement really begins.

Jesus’ disciples walked alongside Him for three years. They listened to His teaching. They observed what He did and how He interacted with others. But the real adventure began after Jesus’ death and resurrection. Matthew records:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations… Matthew 28:19a

All those years of preparation came to fruition on this amazing day. Jesus said it was now time to “go”. God has been preparing you to “go” your whole life. As you read the Bible, worship, pray, gather with other Christians, whatever it is, it’s leading to this same command: Go and make disciples.

Are you ready? Jesus is sending you out today to make disciples. We don’t know what will happen on this great adventure, but we know that He does. And like the disciples before us, He promises to be with us, even to the end of the age.

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