A Snake is Coming to Kingdom Quest (and other news)

A Snake is Coming to Kingdom Quest (and other news)


Kingdom Quest is our Sunday morning programming for children in grades 1-5. We meet from 10 – 11 a.m. in the Gym and all children are welcome. It’s never too late to try us out. Here’s some news about upcoming events in Kingdom Quest:

The year has flown by.  We have only 4 weeks left in Kingdom Quest for this year. There are a few events coming up in these last weeks.

May 24 – Memorial Day weekend, and yes we are having Sunday School at the regular time.

May 31 – Kindergarten students are coming to visit Kingdom Quest to see what next year will be like. If you have a kindergarten student you should take them to and pick them up from their usual classroom.

June 7 – We are studying Paul’s journeys, and this week he comes in contact with a snake. One of our members is bringing their pet snake to Kingdom Quest Welcome time, so please try to come to Sunday School a few minutes early so you can hear about and see the snake.

Also, 5th graders are going to visit the 6th grade class to see what it will be like next year.  They should come to and be picked up from the as usual.

June 14 – Parents, save this date and come to celebrate with us on our last day of class. The children are preparing a special song to share with you. And we are honoring our 5th graders on their last day with us.  You’ll be making a special craft as a family to use over the summer.

If you have questions about Kingdom Quest, please contact Pam Jones (Director): famjones@roadrunner.com


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