EMT Meeting Highlights for June 10, 2015

EMT Meeting Highlights for June 10, 2015

The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is the team tasked with leading the everyday operations and programs of First Trinity. The EMT is led by Pastor Chuck Whited. Serving on the team are Jason Christ (Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries), Marsha Peth (Director of Care Ministries), Sue Steege (Director of Transformation Ministries), and Tim Hartnett (Ministry Operations Manager). Also included would be the Director Serve Ministries (vacant). We meet twice monthly.

The Executive Ministry Team met this morning. Here’s the highlights:

  • Read discussed the Introduction and Chapter 1 of “Deep and Wide” by Andy Stanley. We’re excited about this book.
  • We reviewed the Aesthetics Committee’s proposal for changes to the Main Floor of our campus, presented to us last Thursday. We decided to tell them to “go for it” and agreed to try selling SCRIP from the Main Office for a trial period of 8 weeks, starting when the gate is created in that office. We’ve asked them for a timeline, budget and communications plan. We are looking for the money to fund the project.
  • We looked at a Timeline for putting the budget together. We are going to move some EMT meetings around to make room for budget meetings.
  • Band Leader Search Update: There are two applications in. The deadline is June 17.
  • Preschool Update: Preschool Teacher (Jaime Christ) and assistant (Katie Grieco) have been hired. Marsha Peth will not be working in the Preschool in the Fall.  Construction is proceeding on time.
  • Started work on the Bi-Annual report. Jason shared a document of requests for information.
  • Friends of Night People coordinator being sought. Two people said “no”. Pastor will ask the next name on the list. Pastor will coordinate for July and perhaps mention the need in his sermon.
  • Life Group Team so far: Ben Chen, Kathy Gibson, Wendy Morris, Marlene Carr. Looking for someone who is a systems thinker, as well.
  • First Grief Support meeting (led by Susie Stenson) will be on June 17.
  • Next meeting is June 17, led by Sue Steege.


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