EMT Meeting Highlights for June 17, 2015

EMT Meeting Highlights for June 17, 2015

The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is the team tasked with leading the everyday operations and programs of First Trinity. The EMT is led by Pastor Chuck Whited. Serving on the team are Jason Christ (Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries), Marsha Peth (Director of Care Ministries), Sue Steege (Director of Transformation Ministries), and Tim Hartnett (Ministry Operations Manager). Also included would be the Director Serve Ministries (vacant). We meet twice monthly.

EMT met last Wednesday, June 17. Here’s the highlights:

  • Aesthetics Committee Update: they their ideas for the Main Floor of our campus last week (we will share in detail at our next staff meeting). We are waiting now for a budget and timeline for those ideas. Also looking for funds to pay for them.
  • Band Leader Search Team Update: They have received 4 applications, which were reviewed on Saturday June 20 and a decision on who to interview. It looks like we will be able to have some transition time with Tim in July.
  • Preschool Update: We are fully staffed for the Fall. Debbie is using money from the fundraising account to get supplies/equipment for Jaime Christ’s new classroom. Debbie is working to fill enrollment. Several spots still open. Painting has started in the new areas. Kepco will be in today to do the network/phone drops. Midcity Office will be here Wednesday to rebuild the cubicles. Electrical may be higher than projected. The asbestos problem was solved without abatement (thank You Jesus!).
  • Small Groups Team Update: We have a team: Marlene Carr, Wendy Morris, Ben Chen, Kathy Gibson and Bruce Stone. Meeting sometime soon.
  • BiAnnual Report: Jason sent out the needs list. Focus on how the vision has sent us forward. Is there anything from OPUS to report?
  • Salvation Army Request: The Salvation Army would like to put a donation box on our property. We think it’s a good idea (fits with vision). Asking the Aesthetics Committee to choose the location.
  • Friends of Night People: Randy Edgington might be interested in leading. He is planning to talk with Sue McKie.
  • Open Table: A small group (Jaime Christ, Sue Steege, Renee Gietz, Bruce and Carla Stone, Tracy Bramwell and Debbie Canfield) met with the founder of Open Table to see about beginning that ministry here. 12 people agree to be on a table for a year. Meeting weekly, then monthly. Open Table trains the table, which helps someone transition out of poverty. Success rate for the tables is high because they only take people who are ready to change. Background checks are done. Very relationally based. Fits right in with our mission/vision, especially “one life at a time”. Next step is to ask someone to consider being coordinator. That person is thinking and praying about that. Want to learn more? Click here .
  • Generosity Team Update: They are meeting once a month. Their meeting this month was great because members of the team had researched different parts of the team’s work:
    • Kathy Passage: Communicating financial information in the bulletin
    • Jeff Weber: Donor engagement
    • Christine Hartnett: Tithe Challenge
    • Giving demographics: Tony D’Amico
    • Using building to generate income: David Fabian
After discussion the team’s work plan is:
  • July 21: Bulletin Financial information
  • August 18: Automated Giving Campaign
  • September 15: Donor engagement
  • October 20:Donor engagement
  • November 17: Building for the Future conversion planning
  • Serve Leader Update: Pastor Chuck is talking with a new person.
  • Ministry Updates:
    • We need 65 Crew Leaders for VBS and we have 53. Prayers accepted!
    • 241 kids registered for VBS so far.
    • Great meeting with new Homebound Visitors (Char Beno, Heather Edwards, Mary Ann Young, Fern Innes and Nancy Murziewski). Jean Schultz no longer leading this ministry.
    • Budget is being handled in separate EMT meetings (first one is Wednesday June 24.
  • Next Meeting: July 8, 2015



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