EMT Meeting Highlights for May 27, 2015

EMT Meeting Highlights for May 27, 2015

The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is the team tasked with leading the everyday operations and programs of First Trinity. The EMT is led by Pastor Chuck Whited. Serving on the team are Jason Christ (Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries), Marsha Peth (Director of Care Ministries), Sue Steege (Director of Transformation Ministries), and Tim Hartnett (Ministry Operations Manager). Also included would be the Director Serve Ministries (vacant). We meet twice monthly.

  • We chose our all-church book study for Fall of 2015: “Joining Jesus on His Mission” by Greg Finke. The study will begin the first weekend in October.
  • We worked through the process for the staff meeting (yesterday’s) to work through the Current Challenges piece of the vision.
  • Band Leader Search update- the Search Team is Jason Christ, Cathi Doebler, Susan Brese, Becca Canfield and Dave Cascio. They met Sunday May 31, set the compensation and job description. We will know by June 14 if Tim Amor is leaving for sure for a Pastorate in Nebraska (looks like it’s a “go”).
  • Preschool Head Teacher Search: Received 19 applications. Interviewed 3 candidates. Hired Jaime Christ. Now Debbie Ferrante and Wendy Morris are in the process of hiring an aide for Wendy’s classroom.
  • Playground guidelines were decided on and will be shared with the staff. Tim Hartnett is going to talk with the neighbors about what they see at the playground when we’re not around.
  • Offices have been relocated to prepare for construction, starting June 1. Temporary locations: Susan Brese in Sue Steege’s office, Bekah Freed in Jason’s office, Kathy Passage in Mercy.
  • Latest person to consider Director of Serve Ministries said “no”. We brainstormed 3 new possibles. Pastor Chuck will pursue. If anyone reading these notes has an interest, contact Pastor Chuck!
  • Person to consider leading Friends of Night People said “no” to leading Friends of Night People.  We brainstormed two new possibilities for that. Pastor Chuck will pursue. If anyone reading these notes has an interest, contact Pastor Chuck!
  • We considered a proposal by Jaime Christ to do Open Table here at First Trinity. Next step is to go ahead and meet with the founder when he is in town on June 21.
  • Chose “Deep and Wide” by Andy Stanley as our next book to read together as an EMT.
  • Agreed that a Creole-speaking congregation could meet here for prayer time on Friday May 29, 8-9pm.


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