So That’s What it Means to Go

So That’s What it Means to Go

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Can I share a frustration with you? I’m not very good at gardening, but we have a really large flower bed in front of our house, so I’m forced to do it. You know what annoys me about gardening? The plants I want to grow seem to require ideal conditions to grow.

For example, they need just the right amount of water to grow. Not too much, not too little. So I do my best but inevitably I forget to water them and they wilt. But you know what doesn’t wilt? Weeds! I do everything I can to kill them off, but they keep coming back. No water for a month? No worries, they’ll still be there. Dig them up? Nice try. You missed a little bit and the weed is back the next day.

Not only do they live through my best efforts to kill them, but they seem to thrive in the adverse conditions! It’s ridiculous! But enough about gardening… Let’s talk about the church.

Do you know where God’s church is growing the fastest? China, one of the most adverse climates today for the church. They face massive oppression and persecution, and yet the church seems to grow like crazy. If you explore church history (and who doesn’t like to do that!?), you’ll find this has always been the case.

Consider the early church. They were really just getting started when some awful persecution came their way. And how did they respond? Check it out:

Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word. Acts 8:4

God’s people responded to this great persecution by sharing the Gospel wherever they ended up, as they were going. Likewise, God is calling us to “preach the word” as we go, whether it’s because of some great persecution, or as we go about our everyday lives. Will you join Him?

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