Where Did I Come From?

Where Did I Come From?

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I remember doing a project in grade school where we explored where we came from. We talked with parents and grandparents to figure out what countries our ancestors were from, when they came to the United States, traditions that have been passed down, and things like that.

I hadn’t really known much of this information prior to doing the project. I thought it was interesting to learn a little bit about where my family came from, but it ultimately did not have much bearing on my life. We didn’t practice many of the cultural traditions from our home countries so it all fell in the “huh, interesting to know” category of information for me.

Today, knowing where I come from has a huge impact on my life. However, it’s not about my earthly heritage, but the heavenly:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 (ESV)

Knowing my spiritual heritage changes everything. I am not some cosmic accident that came from simple chemicals, but rather an intentionally designed person, made in the image of the Almighty, my loving Father. It wasn’t random or done on a whim, but deliberate. God set out to create me and to create you.

Understanding that I am created in God’s image is life-changing. My life has meaning because God says it does. My life is valuable because God made me in His image. When the world tells me I don’t matter, I remember where I came from and rejoice in my spiritual origin.

You are special because God made you. Your worth is not determined by the world or those around you and what they think. You are valuable and loved because God made you. You are His one-of-a-kind creation and He loves you no matter what!

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  1. Faith Jacoby

    And because He loves me another day is possible always looking to the end – the end which is actually a new beginning. Thank you for sharing Jason.

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