Updates from Haiti

Updates from Haiti

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We have been in contact with our partners in Haiti. Here’s an update on what we know right now:
  • Regarding the Children of Israel Orphanage (CIO) in Torbeck:
    • 70 people are staying at the boys’ orphanage.
    • Leonie opened the clinic last Tuesday and 60 people got treated. They also opened it yesterday and will open it today too.
    • They fed 300 people yesterday and they think the number could get as high as 1500-3000 if they can get enough charcoal and labor. The need is so great.
    • The Isidors want to jump back into Vacation Bible School ASAP because people need the truth of the gospel.
  • The grocery stores are open and supplied with goods so that’s a huge blessing.  There are some food trucks bringing things in and there have also been food drops from airplanes. The Isidors don’t like them because it makes desperate people act desperately and often the people who need the food the most (children, infirm, elderly) can’t get it through drops. But it’s still good to know things are happening.
  • Right now all systems are GO for our January trip.  There are bridges out, but through back roads and/or driving through low waters, the roads are still passable. The CIO sustained damage but none that affect their ability to host teams and, in fact, they are currently hosting folk from the LCMS. It’s likely that any CIO repairs will be done by January and that First Lutheran’s roof may be repaired by then as well.
  • LCMS Disaster Response posted that Pastor Touloute has asked them to repair the 50 damaged/roofless churches and 50 pastors’ homes without roofs.  It looks like it will cost $400 per roof for a home although those are initial prices.  It’s possible that we would be able to help with rebuilding while we are there.
  • Another possibility for work for our team is the old boys’ orphanage. The long-term goal is for that site to be the “New Hope Home” for young adults aging out of the CIO, where they learn life skills and home management and budgeting and have more freedom and access to transportation.  Currently, though, since it’s housing and feeding people, it is becoming a community center. It’s generally got good bones but needs some work. They would like to get some work done on it now so that it can continue to be a community center and then also it will be getting it ready for young adults when the time comes.
  • Those possibilities will be fleshed out more as we head toward January, but at the moment the Isidors are feeding people and praying for people and bandaging wounds. There have been cholera outbreaks in Carrefou and more is probably coming so there is just a lot to address.


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