Florida Mission Trip Recap – Day 4

Florida Mission Trip Recap – Day 4

“Today was a weird day. I never rode a horse before and I thought today was going to be the day! I was so excited and I even asked the guy in charge if we could ride the horse at the end after all the kids were done riding, and he said yes. I was so ecstatic and I had accumulated all my energy while walking all the kids on the horses around in a circle 50 times. It was a pleasure talking you each and every one of the kids and learning their stories. After we were done it was too late and the guy told me I couldn’t ride. 🙁 
After our first shift we went to Disney Springs were we walked around and then got lunch at a very very very scary and anxious restaurant in a color changing cave. We were almost eaten by dinosaurs as were we’re sipping back blue icees and couldn’t find our food due to a peanut butter volcano. Then crazy car rides are always involved. The evening involved serving Oriental Food to the little children and families. And ended in a lot of accents and secret missions.” – Greg Kopra

“On this very day, we assisted the equestrians in providing a world of horsemanship to the children. The smiles they produced lifted the hearts and minds of all who were within their presence. The joy, the laughter, and the smiles given to those who beheld it will be remembered for ages to come. Princes and princess rode around the land on the magnificent horses from the American outback. (We assisted with helping children ride horses and it was awesome!)” – John Puskas

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