Florida Mission Trip Day 6 Recap

Florida Mission Trip Day 6 Recap

“Today we ate breakfast, cleaned up, and headed to the airport. We enjoyed our remaining time together in the car and over lunch. Despite some talkative neighbors towards the back of the plane, travels went smoothly and we were soon greeting family at the Buffalo Airport.” – Jordan Trautwein 

“It has been a crazy week! Today, we packed up our suitcases and got on a plane to Buffalo. We’re back home now, back to our normal lives, back to family and friends, back to school or work. We’re going back to a world where we don’t have things like “serving kids free ice cream” or “dancing with kids in a parade” written into our regular schedule. So now what? We may not be around all the amusement rides or Disney characters, but that doesn’t mean we stop spreading Christ’s love and joy whenever we can. We can continue to show others the goodness of God just in our everyday lives. We’re not necessarily surrounded by so many kids with life-threatening illnesses now, but no matter where we are, there are people suffering. No matter where we are, there are people who need the light of Christ. And as children of light, it’s our job to share that light everywhere we go.” – Alex Lillis

Thank you all again for your prayers and support!  – Love the FL Mission Team


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