Workcamp 2017 – Day 7

Today’s Theme: From Joy to Home

Read Luke 24:49

Now we’ve had this awesome experience here at Workcamp and you’ve experienced whatever you’ve experienced this week, but what does our road look like from here.  Spend some time asking God to lead you on the road he has for you in yet another week ahead.  Pray for us to be able to share the joy we’ve experienced on the road this week with those we encounter back at home.  




  • Pack tools/lunch/Morning program
  • Work at work sites morning and afternoon
  • Free Time
  • Evening Program with the residents
  • FT Team Devotion

Prayer Ideas:

  • For teams as they wrap up on their worksites.
  • For last interactions with residents and again that in every moment God’s love would be shown.
  • To share the joy of being with Jesus on the road

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  1. Faith Jacoby

    Hope you have found this day to be fulfilling. I know the people you helped are very grateful, and that you have each touched each other spiritually. Your exchange has been a blessing and will carry you home to us with many stories and blessings to share. God Bless – safe travel and be ready to share what you have experienced with your family, friends and community.

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