Texas Mission Trip Update

First Trinity launched a Texas Mission Trip for Harvey Recovery on very short notice last week. In total, 8 people joined us for the 10-day trip. What a blessing it has been to the people here in Texas, as well as to the team. A few fun stories:

  • We spent the first and part of the second day helping the Pastor of our host church (Memorial Lutheran in Katy, TX) finish cleaning out his house. We removed drywall, doors and frames, kitchen counters, sinks, and other odd jobs. We asked if we could mow his lawn, and there was a big sign of relief knowing he wouldn’t have to do it himself.
  • Later on Day 2, we helped a woman sort through her belongings and decide what to keep and what to discard. Every item had a story or memory attached to it. Having someone to share these memories with was a critical part of the process. It didn’t feel like we made as much physical progress as we’d hoped, but we certainly helped emotionally and spiritually. We had an opportunity to pray with her before we left.
  • Day 3 was spent helping clear houses in some of the worst damaged areas with Team Rubicon, another organization helping in Houston. The first floor of these homes consists of a foundation, studs, windows, and plumbing, which was taken handled by PIC Plumbing Services in San Diego. Everything else was discarded. At one of the houses, the resident prayed for all of us, and had the teams write their names on a doorway header as a rememberance.
  • Evenings have been spent having dinner at member’s homes from the host church. People with the gifts of cooking and hospitality have enjoyed using them to encourage us. Everyone has a flood story to share with us, as well as grateful hearts for God’s provision during the storm and after in the form of helping hands like ours and other members from church or the community.

God has truly been working during the trip. Please continue to pray for the team and the people of Houston. God’s not done here yet. Jesus was already working when we got here, and He’ll be working long after we leave.


  1. Jean Schultz

    I’m praying for you and those you serve that the Lord will provide you all with whatever you need as you work together in His name. Also praying for your families at home and for your safe return.

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