Reading “A New Kind of Leader” by Reggie Joiner

Reading “A New Kind of Leader” by Reggie Joiner

First Trinity’s Executive Ministry Team (EMT)* makes a practice of reading and discussing books together, to help us continue to grow spiritually and professionally. We thought we’d share those books here, in case you’d like to read them, as well.

We’re just finishing up with “A New Kind of Leader” by Reggie Joiner. The book was recommended to us by Director of High School and Youth Ministries Rebekah Freed. The subtitle for the book is “What You Believe Can Open a Door for a Kid or Teenager’s Future.”

The book is a quick read. Joiner outlines seven values that are common in leaders who are passionate about sharing faith with the next generation.  Here are the seven:

  • Kids matter more than adults (I bet this one sounds wrong…)
  • A strategy matters more than you think
  • Your church matters because its a place
  • Every family matters regardless
  • The truth matters when love matters
  • Doing good matters if you’re human
  • This week matters when it’s repeated

One of the things I loved about reading this as an EMT is it is an acknowledgment that passing the faith to the next generation is an issue for our whole family of God, not just the children’s and youth ministries. Our kids are our kids and we all need to play a part in helping them know and follow Jesus.

If you care about kids, you’d enjoy this book. We have a copy you can borrow if you’d like to read it, let me know! (

Next up for the EMT: “Next: Pastoral Succession that Works” by William Vanderbloemmen and Warren Bird

*The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is made up of Pastor Chuck Whited, Director of Attract Ministries Jason Christ, Director of Care Ministries Marsha Peth, Director of Transformation Ministries Sue Steege, Director of Serve Ministries Carl Fretthold, and Minstry Operations Manager Tim Hartnett.


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