Joining Jesus on His Mission in Haiti: Children’s Ministry in Mon Bergieux

Joining Jesus on His Mission in Haiti: Children’s Ministry in Mon Bergieux

Many things to write about here, and I don’t know how much chance I’ll have to write, so this is just one peek…

Yesterday we had people all over the place, serving God and His people in Haiti:

  • Dan, Larry and Dale were high up in the mountains, carrying very heavy cinder blocks in muddy, hilly terrain. They are helping to rebuild the home of Etani, a former caretaker at the Children of Israel Orphanage. Her home was mostly destroyed in Hurricane Matthew in October of 2016.
  • Pastor Chuck spent the morning teaching pastors and others from God’s Word.
  • Dr. Vilas, Nurse Lindsey, Jon, Alyssa, Anne (both Annes), and Beth spent the day in Les Cayes at our second day of three of medical clinics.
  • Patti, Sue and RenĂ©e painted in the orphanage cabins (with a big assist from Moise).

The end of the day came and we were tired. Israelson said we were going to do a last minute VBS “on the mountain”. He promised it was “close by”. We were to leave at 4:30, but by 4:45, we were just loading up and sundown was on the way, along with some dark clouds that promised rain. I wondered if we should go.

But go, we did. And as we made our way up the mountain, the panoramic view of the Caribbean stretched out on our left. AMAZING beauty. Unparalleled. The beauty distracted me from the right side of the truck and as the truck slowed, I began to hear cheering. As I looked up, there on the mountain side were 100+ children, jumping and shouting and cheering at our arrival. I suddenly remembered that this is how God does things in Haiti–always go where He calls, because He’s on the move.

We had a blast sharing Jesus with these enthusiastic children. Their voices joining with ours to sing, “God is so good” (“Bondye se bon”) will carry me through the next days and even all the way home to Buffalo. I know there is a lot of press around what kind of country Haiti is, right now. Here’s what kind of country Haiti is: beautiful, courageous and strong in the faith.

What a great day.

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  1. Faith B Jacoby

    Thanks so much Sue for sharing with us – we feel your excitement and fatigue – but in the end your amazement in all that God can do! Love and prayers with all of you and the people of Haiti.

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