Best Practices for Ministry Conference Report

Best Practices for Ministry Conference Report

8 staff people and two spouses from First Trinity were able to attend the Best Practices for Ministry Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in February. Here’s a brief report to give you an idea of our experience. We were so very thankful to be able to attend and saved money over two budget years to pay for our hotel and airfare (the conference itself was free!).  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any of the attenders!

Best Practices for Ministry Conference
February 22-24, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

People Who Attended: Pastor Chuck and Susan Whited, Director of Attract and Middle School Ministries Jason Christ, Director of Care Ministries Marsha Peth, Director of Transformation Ministries Sue Steege, Director of Serve Minsitries Carl Fretthold (and his wife Jean), Director of High School and Young Adult Ministries Rebekah Freed, Office Manager Kathy Figini, and Administrative Assistant Dona Trautwein

General Conference Information:

  • 2,500 people in attendance.
  • Hosted by Christ Church Lutheran…there was no charge for the conference itself (we had to pay for airfare, hotel and a couple meals).
  • There were hundreds of breakout sessions to choose from, which were people from across the country sharing their best practices (what is working) in their ministry settings.
  • First Trinity budgeted monies over two budget years to make this conference trip possible. There were huge advantages to going as staff, together.

Some key take-aways from our staff:

  • New visitors are here for a reason (they are looking for something or going through a tough time).
  • Is our building easy to navigate, clean, and offer a warm welcome to anyone who walks in? Signage and food help a lot! Really appreciate the aesthetics committee’s efforts.
  • Young adults stay connected to the degree they have personal connections, especially with other adults and also to the degree they have responsibility and see themselves as valued and needed.
  • Importance of discipling- primary task not to make programs, but to make disciples- people who follow after Jesus and model lives after Him, through baptism into Jesus and training by Jesus, so they can participate with Jesus in His mission as a daily lifestyle and show others how to do the same.
  • I received some insight into Policy Based Governance.
  • Learned how to better defend the Biblical account of creation (I love apologetics).
  • Appreciated the refresher course on Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief.

Some goals set by our staff, coming out of Best Practices (each person was asked to set at least three growth goals):

  • Sharing and implementing ideas from Hey Bartender breakout with my Life Group.
  • To truly view all communication and building conditions, and aesthetics as a “first timer” and/or “non-churched” person would.
  • To think about what community need/support we could be providing with our current budget, staff and property.
  • We have many inactive members. Contact them and find out how we can help them be active again. Maybe send a survey that would help us figure out what went wrong.
  • Work on better communication.
  • Look at ways to improve worship and think about the possibilities for future multi-site opportunities.

There were multiple God-sightings on this trip! We are so thankful to have been able to go. We thank God for the opportunity and the learning.


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