Reading: “Next: Pastoral Succession that Works”

Reading: “Next: Pastoral Succession that Works”


First Trinity’s Executive Ministry Team (EMT)* makes a practice of reading and discussing books together, to help us continue to grow spiritually and professionally. We thought we’d share those books here, in case you’d like to read them, as well.

The EMT just finished reading “Next: Pastoral Succession that Works“. We chose it because we’re realizing that, staff-wise, First Trinity is in for many changes over the next decade. Our staff is aging and many are growing closer to retirement. This book gave us a great chance to think ahead, to plan for successions that will ensure that First Trinity continues to have the ability to follow the Spirit’s leading far into the future.

What I learned (or maybe re-learned) is that a transition itself is a “thing” that needs attention and care given to it.  We must think about how we can help whoever it is that comes after us in our position to thrive and grow. As much as we love working with each other, we know that the mission of First Trinity is far bigger and more important than any one person or personality. In one way, every staff person is an interim staff person. We all need to think about and plan for the person who will come after us.

This was a great book! And I know some of our Ministry Council members are reading it, as well. Here’s to healthy transitions!

Next up for the EMT Read: “Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God” by Mark Batterson.  This one came to us as a recommendation from Dorothy Rothrock, who leads First Trinity’s prayer ministries.

*The Executive Ministry Team (EMT) is made up of Pastor Chuck Whited, Director of Attract Ministries Jason Christ, Director of Care Ministries Marsha Peth, Director of Transformation Ministries Sue Steege, Director of Serve Ministries Carl Fretthold, and Minstry Operations Manager Tim Hartnett.

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